Helping Ambitious Women Lose Weight + Keep it off  by Becoming

Fat Burning Machines!

Helping Ambitious Women Lose Weight
& Keep it Off
By Becoming
Fat Burning Machines!

Hi I'm Marja Chow!

A Gym Junkie, Dog Loving, Holistic Nutritionist, on a Mission to Transform the Way Women Think about Food, Our Body’s and the Dieting Culture!

If you are like many of my past clients before they started working with me, then chances are you may have felt exhausted from dieting and confused on the right steps to take to improve your health!

Women often think they need to become more restrictive with their diet, have more willpower, and throw in extra cardio sessions to get the results they want. This way of operating is called having a Dieters Mindset.

Not only will this behaviour leave you frustrated and burnt out, but the worst part is, all that suffering produces minimal results that NEVER seem to last!

If you are serious about having LASTING Results, Book a call and let’s discuss where you are currently at, what you need help with the most and how starting your Fat Fuelled Lifestyle will provide you with the transformation you have been searching for!

3 Ways We Can Get Started Together...


Are you ready to start Burning Fat for Fuel? Download our Free 7 day meal plan loaded with TONS of delicious meals, snacks and tasty treats! Start burning fat on the regular and watch your energy improve and your weight loss journey begin!

Gut Health Glow

Your GUT Health is the root cause of your Symptoms! Bloating, constipation, sugar cravings all of it! Learn more about the 4 phase process to restore your gut and reclaim your health, starting from the inside out!


Expedite your weight loss and health goals with Nutritional Coaching! Living a Fat Fuelled Lifestyle can help balance blood sugar, hormones, enhance energy & reduce body fat! Get the accountability, motivation and feel FULLY supported throughout your journey!

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