I Help You Create Your Own Version of Keto

So That You Stop Dieting, have Freedom over Food and Achieve Longterm Weight Loss.

Let's reclaim your Power

If you have been a past dieter (like me) you get what it's like for food to have too much control over your life and wellbeing.

Unfortunately, many people who attempt a ketogenic diet begin with a “dieters mentality" and look at it as the quickest way to lose weight.  

If you have that mindset when you start and you restrict food, calorie count, and look at food only as a number, this ultimately sets you up to continue riding the "dieting train."

If you approach keto from a holistic perspective, to restore your health and support your body, that’s when permanent weight loss and real transformation happens.

I want you to feel secure and confident within yourself and your health choices. 

Do you feel like...

You can't seem to get your weight under control?

You have learnt to just settle with your health (it is what it is)?

You have low self esteem because of the dieting dogma (even though you don’t want to admit it)?

You don’t have a clean conscience plan and are overwhelmed on where to even begin?

You just feel stuck?

What if I said that by having a Nutrition Coach guiding and teaching you about the best food and supplements for your unique body, that you were finally able to stop dieting and rebuild your health.

What if you could change how you viewed yourself and get the confidence to crush all your goals by shifting your mindset and poking whole in your belief system.

What if you could take control of your weight once and for all. Get the clarity and knowledge about your health and stop wasting your time confused on what to do!

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Keto, a Better Way

The majority of the population rely on sugar (carbs) for energy. Our society as a whole is overfed and undernourished, from processed and refined foods (literally everywhere).

A carb rich diet can cause food cravings, energy highs and lows, moodiness, weight conditions, inflammation and a host of other chronic health issues!

When we train the body to become ketogenic, we switch from using carbs (glucose) as our main fuel source to burning fat (ketones) for fuel.

Unlike carbs, fat keeps us feeling full and provides a sustainable energy, that food isn't constantly on our mind.

We reset our hunger hormones, so we naturally start to regulate our appetite and re-train our pallet. Our eating habits evolve and reaching for that mid afternoon muffin becomes a distant memory.

Weight loss feels SO much easier, since you don't feel like you are starving. 

We slowly begin to heal the body from the inside out. The brain feels less foggy, food cravings diminish, and a new sustainable energy, with limitless amounts is born (BOOM!)

Remember Quick fixes are NOT realistic for weight loss to be permanent. You achieve short term success, but never lasting results.

I have fallen into the "fad diet trap," one too many times (and it sucks). 

The good news is, everything changes when you decide to go KETO.

This becomes a LIFESTYLE not another diet, and the vicious cycle FINALLY STOPS.


Eat Fat Be Fab Nutrition:The 3 Pillars


I Simplify the Science of nutrition, so it’s digestible and easy for you to understand. I take complex topics and make them relatable to you and your health concerns. I guide and educate clients about the IMPORTANCE of food quality  and how certain foods, effect our blood sugar, weight, energy, and just our and overall wellbeing. I truly believe EDUCATION BRINGS MOTIVATION!


Pillar 2 is about taking Ownership and and responsibility for your life and more importantly your health. I create a personalized program, based on your body’s unique needs and what may be occurring internally, such as digestive capacity, metabolic function hormonal health etc. In this pillar we break old habits that no longer serve you and create new ones where, we learn to love and listen to your body. When you have a real understanding of what is going on in YOUR OWN body, you feel empowered to make your health journey a life long process.

Pillar 3: REWIRE

Pillar 3 is where we implement the internal work, to BUST through barrier and figure out why your past behaviour and belief system has impacted your current health. What events in your life have lead you to your present health status, and your outlook on how you view yourself and food. We rewrite the narrative and stories you tell yourself, and learn to quite down the internal chatter.

All 3 Pillars combined play a pivotal role in breaking the dieting cycle, having a new outlook on health and creating a powerful sense of self. We address all components of health from a holistic perspective!

YOUR Version of Keto

When it comes to nutrition, there is NO one-size fits all approach.  

Everyone is biochemically unique. We all have different responses to food, no matter what protocol we follow.

That is why, what works for one person may not work well for the next.

When people think of a Ketogenic diet they assume it is basically ZERO CARBS and an often difficult diet to follow.

Ketosis is actually a metabolic state and you may be surprised to learn your body has gone into ketosis without you being on a ketogenic diet.

It's a hard pill to swallow telling someone they can't eat carbs EVER again, and it is simply not realistic for many.

I find that when we create really ridged rules around food for a long period time, it almost always triggers some sort of emotional eating, binge eating, or an unhealthy relationship with food or ourselves.

Once we train the body to burn fat for fuel (this takes around 4 weeks) we can strategically add carbohydrates back into the diet. This provides a psychological release and makes eating high fat, a real lifestyle change that people can stick with.

Keto can help with:

  • improving energy 
  • weight loss
  • skin condition
  • digestive issues
  •  blood sugar imbalance
  • hormonal imbalance
  • adrenal fatigue
  • brain fog
  • amenorrhea
  • metabolic syndorme
  • food cravings

I have been a chronic dieter for years that the last thing I would ever recommend is a style of eating that is not sustainable and does't make you feel good.

I get it, it's a scary thing changing how you have eaten your entire life. But I promise, it will be worth it in the end.

I keep my clients on track and hold them accountable to reach their goals, with on-going support, motivation and by implementing my 3 Pillar Approach: Awareness, Ownership and Rewire. If You need more information book a consultation below!

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