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Any Nutrition Plan can work well short term, when motivation is up!

When there is an upcoming event such as a wedding or vacation, motivation is at an all time high.  

But what happens when the event is over and you are sick of eating the same old food or a low caloric intake?  

Your motivation starts to slip and the weight slowly creeps back... possibly with the scale increasing higher then before.  

This is why Quick fixes are simply not realistic for weight loss to be permanent! Achieving short term success...but never lasting results.  

I have fallen into the "fad diet trap" time and time again.

When I would revert back to "eating normally, " I would feel terrible for failing at my diet. 

This ultimately affected my mood, energy, self worth, confidence and social life.

When you are continuously dieting, you are either living in the past or thinking about the future.  

Upset at yourself for what you ate, or thinking about getting back on track with your diet.  

You are not living in the NOW.  

It’s not because you went off the DIET, it’s because the DIET wasn’t sustainable in the first place.

  • blood sugar balance 
  • low energy 
  • weight loss issues 
  • skin conditions
  • digestive concerns 
  • hormonal imbalance 
  • adrenal fatigue 
  • insulin resistance

  • brain fogg 
  • amenorrhea 
  • low libido  
  • insulin sensitivity

YOUR version of "Keto" will be Specific for YOU

My keto journey began in 2016. Since then I have never felt better or wanted to eat any other way. 

When it comes to Nutriton we cannot paint everyone with the same brush. So following "ridgit keto rules" is NOT my jam. Let's get you off the hamster wheel of the diet dogma.  

My 6 and 8 week, Eat Fat Be Fab Nutrition Program will give you knowlege and clarity around making nutrient dense meals, while giving you confidence as you become an educated consumer! Your program will be specifically catered to YOUR unique body and YOUR personal health goals. 

This program teaches the body to become fat adapted, using ketones (fat) as your primary fuel source, opposed to carbohydrates (glucose).  

You will become a fat burning machine, having more energy, more mental focus, improved skin and SO much more!

Eating Carbs on Keto (huh!)

Carbohydrates are NOT the devil. 

I have experimented with different ratios of carbs and fats and found a balance that works. 

This took some tweaking, but it was not realistic for me not to eat sushi, or have a slice of pizza when out with friends. I have done the grunt work and been my own ginuea pig. 

So I structure my cleints programs in a similar way once they are fat adpated (your welcome). 

I don't want you to feel deprived, I want you to THRIVE.

If your starting ANY sort of nutrition plan and you cannot see yourself eating that way 3 months from now...

 Then you are on a DIET and you are NOT creating a LIFESTYLE. 

You are ultimately setting yourself up to fail. Trust me, been down that road one to many times.

So YES, Carbohyrates on ketogenic diet is how I roll! 

Once you start burning fat for fuel, we can sequence them in at optomal times and still get all the health benefits associated from a high fat diet!


Once I fully transitioned into a high fat, ketogenic diet my health & life dramatically changed. I truly want the same for you!

  • I felt FULL from eating Fat.
  • I wasn't obessed with food and what time my next meal was.
  • I had WAY more energy. I didn't have dips in my afternoon.  
  • My mindset FINALLY shifted and the relationship I had with food got so much better (this was everything to me). 
  • My skin, for the first time was clear of any breakouts (adult acne is kind of annoying).  
  • I could freely eat delicious food and not feel guilty about it. 
  • My period cramps subsided (the struggle of being a girl - with hormonal imbalances!)  
  • I didn't crave sugar and I wasn't stressed or emotionally eating. 

Weight Loss DOES not have to be complicated 

By adjusting the amount of fat we eat daily and choosing quality nutrient dense foods, we can start to heal the body internally. Our brain feels less foggy on high fat and weight loss is a million times easier. 

By adding more healthy fats to the diet we feel full and sugar cravings are subsided (winning!) We slowly begin to reset our hunger hormones and not let food control our lives...life just gets easier. 

If your wanting to learn more about my 6 and 8 week Eat Fat Be Fab Program the curriculum is below. 

If your on the fence about ANYTHING and are contemplating if this is right for YOU, I would love to chat. 

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Week 1

1. Nutrition Fundamentals 2. The 3 Big Macros and FAT your B.F.F 3. Supplement recommendations 4. Recipes

Week 2

1. Grocery Shopping List & Food Charts 2. How to read a food label 3. How Much Fat Do I Need with my Meals? 4. How to be a “Fat Burner,” & avoid, “Keto Flu.”  

Week 3 

Carbohydrates – How much is right for you? Carbohydrate MYTHS and All The Different types of Carbs Re-feed Day with Extra Carbs! Fibre, why its important get enough in the diet!

Week 4

Testing Ketones Health Benefits of Producing Ketones in the Body Different types of Fasting Is Fasting right for you?

Week 5

All About hormones! Insulin, Cortisol, Ghrelin, Leptin Testosterone, Estrogen & The Thyroid How Hormones effect weight, stress & energy levels Emotional Eating

Week 6 

All about Digestion Gut Health (brain gut connection) Let’s talk about Poop! Cleansing & Detoxification

Week 7

Eating out at Restaurants. How to make your meals high fat friendly when out! How to stay high Fat when on vacation! List of modifications to make at certain resturants

Week 8

Stress management and how it affects your Health! Sleep management and why its important for recovery after exercise as well as aging! Meditation, Yoga, Fitness

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