Sick and Tired of Starting Over? 

FED UP with Quick Fixes, and Zero Results?

Are You Burnt Out From The Thought of Food Consuming Your Day, Your Week, Your Life?

I use to spend countless hours "meal prepping." I would portion and weigh out ALL my food, then place it all into tiny tuper wear containers for the week.  

Not only would I get grossed out by day 3, I wasn't satisfied with my dry chicken breast and 3 ounces of yams.  

This may work for some, but I felt deprived, frustrated and most importantly HUNGRY!  

I was HANGRY (hungry and angry) all the time.  

A lot of the reason was, because I ate a LOW FAT DIET.  

I was in a constant state of hunger. Heavily restricting food and creating a terrible relationship with food and myself  

When you are "Dieting," You are not living in the NOW.

You are either living in the past, regretting what you ate, or living for the future. “10 days from now I will feel good again, as I will be lower on the scale."  

How is this living? It's NOT. This was me, for many, many, many years.  

With the dieting mentality, you may achieve short term success...but NEVER lasting results.  

WHY diets don't work longterm because there missing the LIFESTYLE COMPONENT.  

Chronic dieting creates an unhealthy relationship with food and yourself (it did for me).

Eating a High Fat Diet Isn't a Fad or Quick Fix, It's A Way Of Eating That Nourishes Your Mind & Body!

Once I fully transitioned into a high fat, ketogenic diet my life dramatically changed.  

I felt full from eating fat. (I wasn't scared of eating it anymore). I felt 100 percent satisfied with my high fat meals.  

I didn't crave sugar and I wasn't stressed or emotionally eating!

I had more energy, I felt like I could rule the world, as I didn't have dips in my afternoon.  

My skin, for the first time in my adult life, was clear of any breakouts.  

I was getting better sleep, and waking up feeling well rested, not exhausted and struggling to get out of bed.

Eating a HIGH FAT diet was the most freeing experience, the relationship I had with food started to change.

Before I become FAT ADAPTED, every calorie or macronutrient mattered. 

I had to stay within my range of carbs, protein and fats for the day.  

If I went over by 5-10 grams I was a failure and would be so hard on myself. This wasn't a lifestyle (it was torture).  

I would base my happiness on how "perfect" I could be with my diet. 

I would allow an app or chart to dictate how much I should eat.

This caused me to stop listening to my body.  

I wasn't intuitively eating or listening to hunger cues or satiety.  

But as I mention before, since going HIGH FAT This all changed... and that is why I had to share my experience and created my Eat Fat Be Fab 1-on-1 Coaching Program!

Eat fat be Fab 1 ON 1 COACHING! focuses on a diet high in good quality fat, moderate protein, and moderate/low carbohydrates.

Carbohydrate tolerance is dependant on each individual as we are all unique and have various health concerns and goals. While one person may be in a ketogenic state with 30grams of carbs a day, another person may be in ketosis and thrive on 80g a day! We are all metabolically different, therefore a one shoe fits all approach is not realistic! 

This program teaches the body to become fat adapted, using ketones (fat) as your primary fuel sources, opposed to carbohydrates. 

This will cause you to become a fat burning machine, having more energy, more mental focus, improved skin and SO much more!

I understand the struggle we face in today’s society to fit a certain "mold or look a certain way." I know what its like to be your own worst critic and to be FED UP with "dieting,"  

I get how making the right dietary choices for YOU can be overwhelming and confusing.  

It has taken me over 10 years of experimenting with different foods to realize that eating FAT makes me feel FAB! I am here to help you!


What If You NEVER Had to Reset? What If The Way You Were Eating Kept You Feeling Full And Not Deprived?

By adding more healthy fats to the diet we feel full and sugar cravings are subsided (winning!)  

We begin to reset our hunger hormones and not let food control our just gets easier.  

Your insulin (storage hormone) isn't continuously being secreted as carbohydrate intake is lower, so you don't have these ups and down in your energy and mood!  

Are you Ready to Burn Fat For Fuel?

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