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Hi I’m Marja!

Thanks for stopping by my site! If you are interested in how I turned my Struggle into Strength then read below…I’m still a work in progress (who isn’t?)

I grew up playing every sport imaginable, with an emphasis in soccer. Playing competitive sports created both an identity and a passion.

At age 13 I noticed I was gaining weight so I began going to the gym and lifting weights. I gradually became obsessed with my body weight which lead to disordered eating and exercising to look “skinny.”

I have tried every fad diet, excessively calorie counting, diet pills, and even eating rotten sushi in hopes I would get a parasite to lose weight! (ewww I know!)

My original career choice was to become a high school gym teacher. I began working towards a Bachelors degree in Physical Education and Coaching. Throughout my program I naturally became a personal trainer.

From all the years of yo-yo dieting and restrictive eating I faced a lot of digestive problems. While working with my personal training clients, I would constantly get asked nutrition questions.

I felt I knew minimal information, so I decided to learn more about nutrition to heal my OWN body and help clients with theirs.

I very soon discovered this was my PASSION, so I changed career paths and went to school to become a holistic nutritionist.

Throughout the nutrition program I slowly started to view food in a different way. It wasn’t about calories, macros and percentages it was about NOURISHMENT.

For the first time in my life I didn’t look at food as a number, or how much fat it contained. I viewed it as a powerful medicine.

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I have struggled with body image for the bulk part of my life. To be completely honest, it is still something I occasionally battle.

About 4 years ago I entered my first fitness competition (bikini category). I was attracted to the hard work and discipline that came along with the sport.

And lets be real, I wanted to see how shredded I could get!

I have competed in 5 federations such as the INBF, IDFA, NPAA, BCABBCA and FMF. I received my pro card in the IDFA –International Drug Free Association in the bikini category in November 2015

Although I LOVED the training and seeing my body transform…This sport triggered my old eating disorder behaviour, not to mention body Dysmorphia.

I reverted back to calorie counting and extreme macronutrient ratios, charting food, weighing food, and becoming obsessed with how much I weighed on the scale.

I was so caught up in the industry I didn’t realized how it was affecting my mental health.

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After throwing in the towel and coming to the realization that bodybuilding wasn’t healthy for me, I began experimenting with different diets.

From vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, paleo, high carb, low carb, high protein, different variations of fasting, and then I FINALLY experimented with HIGH FAT.

It wasn’t until I fully transitioned into a high fat, ketogenic diet that my life dramatically changed. I felt full from eating fat. (I wasn’t scared of eating fat anymore!)

It didn’t feel like I was on a diet because I wasn’t starving.

I didn’t crave sugar and I wasn’t stressed or emotionally eating (this was something to celebrate!)

had more energy I didn’t crash in the afternoon. My mental function was out of this world, I honestly had never felt I had this much NATURAL ENERGY in my entire life.

My skin, for the first time was clear of any breakouts (having zits as an adult is super annoying).

The best part was I could freely eat delicious, high fat food, and not feel guilty about it!

Eating Keto changed my relationship with food. I believe this was one of the most healing components for my physical body, but more important my mental health.

This is how my Nutrition Program Eat Fat Be Fab was Born 🙂

Eat fat be Fab focus on a diet high in good quality fat, moderate protein, and moderate/low carbohydrates!

Carbohydrate tolerance is dependent on each individual as we are all unique and have various health concerns and goals. Basically, you get the best of both worlds! In the nutrition world this would be referred to as “cyclic ketosis.” You still get to enjoy your carbs just strategically!

I understand the struggle we face in today’s society to fit a certain mold or look a certain way. I know what its like for food to have too much control over your life.

I get how making the right dietary choices for YOU can be overwhelming and confusing.

I am here to help!

My program is educational, providing the tools for you to eat a ketogenic diet and thrive for the rest of your life.

Eat Fat Be Fab has delicious recipes, menu options and learning tools to build confidence in the kitchen and confidence within yourself.

My program isn’t just about food, its about guiding and educating YOU to live a more balanced life.

It took me over 10 years of being my own guinea pig and going through extreme highs and lows with food to develop this program.

I have done the work for you!

I am here to de-funk all the nutrition BS and guide you into healing your body and feeling like a freaking unicorn while doing it! Together lets find The courage to be imperfectly beautiful and celebrate your body inside and out.

Below is my Education and Certifications. I am constantly reading books, listening to podcasts and researching new topics about nutrition and fitness. I am a sponge, constantly trying to absorb and soak up everything. The information I find valuable I integrate into my life in hopes to create a better version of me, one day at a time.

My passion with health and wellness shines through with the dedication and support I provides for my clients and their individual transformations! If you are ready to take the next step and adapt to a ketogenic diet, I am here to guide you through the process into an amazingly, beautiful, high fat lifestyle.

Always With Love & Laughter,

Marja xo

Education & Certification

  • Sports Science Diploma


  • Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN)


  • Registered Personal Trainer (BCRPA)


  • Certified Sports Nutritional Advisor


  • NCCP Certificate Olympic Weightlifting


  • Crossfit Level 1


  • Group Fitness (Canfit Pro)


  • Yoga Instructor (200h)


  • Yin Yoga (70h)


  • Certified Pre/Post Natal


  • Certified Twist Conditioning


  • Certified First Aid/CPR


  • Bachelors Health Science (4th year)


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