About Me

Happy to have you exploring my corner of the internet!

Hi Im Marja - your go to source for all things Health and Wellness!

I’m a wearer of many hats – a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), Functional Diagnostic Practitioner (FDN-P), Personal Trainer, and, of course, a MAJOR Dog Lover!

My journey into the world of health and wellness started with my love for sports, especially soccer, shaping my identity and fueling my passion for fitness.

But at the tender age of 13, a shift in my weight triggered a complex relationship with food, leading to calorie counting, extreme measures, and disordered eating.

In my 20s, I went through a transformative period, rebuilding a healthier connection with food and exercise through education and mentorship.

This caused me to dive into holistic nutrition, where I got my certification as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist in 2012.

Nutrition is POWERFUL AF. And I was able to support and really heal my body by making radical changes to my diet and adapting into a high fat ketogenic lifestyle.

However when it came to gut issues and actually seeing how my hormones were functioning, Functional lab testing was the missing link. 

If I had known about functional labs, it would have saved me a lot of sleepless nights, discomfort and I would have been a lot more productive!

But by going through this journey, I was able to design a system for clients to help get to the root cause of your main health concerns! 

Why guess, when we can test? Let’s uncover exactly what’s happening in your one-of-a-kind body!

Education & Certification