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In Health, Ketogenic by Marja

Some people when they hear the word vegetable they automatically assume these oils are healthy as the word vegetable is in it! But do not be mislead by these PRO inflammatory OILS Think of vegetable oils, more as seed oils to …

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The Secret to Weight loss

In Body Image, Health, Ketogenic by Marja

Gimmicky fat-loss diets persuade us to climb aboard the dieting train which ultimately causes havoc on our mental, emotional and physical well-being.  We have been told over and over again, to restrict food to improve health.  I’ll say it AGAIN.  …

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To Dairy or NOT to Dairy?

In Health, Ketogenic, Nutrition by Marja

What’s the deal with dairy, should I eat it or remove it? High-quality raw or organic dairy products contain fatty acids and beneficial bacteria that help support the microbiome (gut health). However, not everyone has access to raw dairy or purchases organic …