Meet The Chow Sisters!

The ChowSisters

My Sister, Shana Chow and I are business partners and best friend, although we do bicker from time to time!

We constantly influence and inspire one another with are hard work ethic and passion for setting new goals. We understand that lasting results are attainable with consistency, training and proper nutrition! If you want something bad enough you have to put in the work whatever it may be!

Both Shana and I battled body image issues growing up and eating disorders. When reflecting back on the struggles we faced, it was really difficult and hard at times. We had each other to lean on for support, but also to be destructive and discorded with our eating. However we are both optimist and believe going through this made us stronger women today.

Can’t Make It To The Gym?

WE created a 12 week Fitness E-Book for you to do out of the comfort of your home! This workout builds strength and endurance. It will get your heart rate pumping with Minimal Equipment required. It will be ready to download for FREE by the end of January 2018! Stay Tuned!

What Are The Benefits Of A ChowSisters Ebook?

  • Offers a more inspiring workout

  • High intensity workouts focusing on proper form and technique

  • Workouts are varied and constantly changing

  • Gets you motivated and accountable to make it to class

  • Creates a sense of camaraderie among participants (everyone is awesome!)

Are You Ready?

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