Compassion and the Universe

In Lifestyle by Marja

I recently had a women make a rude comment on one of my photos, saying I needed to eat a sandwich and that starving myself wasn’t a good look. Since when did Internet bullying become acceptable? I honestly don’t understand how people can write such hurtful comments to complete strangers! If you don’t have the courage to say this to someone’s face, hiding behind a computer screen shouldn’t be aloud. Everyone has a story, so before you past judgement on a person, think before you speak, as words can create wounds.

I struggled with eating disorders and disorder eating throughout my adolescent years as well as overtraining. I have tried every fad diet there is, and damaged my metabolism, mind, body, and emotional wellbeing. I have evolved, and now live a life of moderation making healthy food & lifestyle choices. Through education, personal experience, and accepting who I am, this has taught me compassion and gratitude towards others.

FullSizeRender-300x300We should be supporting people who are taking control of their health. Whether that is competing in a fitness show, running a 10k marathon or signing up for a membership at a local gym. Taking any step towards health should be celebrated not scrutinized. Health comes in all different shapes and sizes, and NO ONE REALLY understands the struggle that person has gone through, except THEM. As someone who makes fitness and health a priority, my goal is in inspire and help people find their passion towards wellness. I put in the WORK for the results I desire. There are no short cuts, or magic pill, anything worth working for in life requires, time, energy and dedication. If somebody doesn’t like the way my body looks and takes time out of their day to write something negative, I understand that has nothing to do with me, and everything to do with them.

Based on the law of attraction- whatever energy you are putting out to the universe, that negative or positive energy will come back to you. No one is perfect we are all flawed. I believe this makes us uniquely beautiful. PLEASE lets stop with the negativity. Think before you speak, show compassion, and don’t be that person to cut others down. Always try to imagine the shoe on the other foot. Change your perspective, change your thought process, and watch your life change….

“Love and Compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.”

–Dalia Lama