Losing weight and getting fit can be a challenging process and a lifelong battle for many (but it doesn’t have to be!)

If you are like many of my past clients, before they started working with me then chances are you have…

  • Felt exhausted from all your attempts to lose weight.
  • Lacked confidence because you don’t have a clear conscience plan.
  • Felt overwhelmed and stuck because you don’t know where to even begin
  • Are Ready to throw in the towel with improving your health!

Listen, this isn’t your fault.

There is SO much conflicting information around nutrition especially with “Dr. Google” being at the tip of our fingers.

Many people will develop unhealthy behaviours to improve their health, because they think what they are doing will get them the results they want.

ie. calorie counting, heavily restricting food, overexercising etc.

But unfortunately, this way of thinking does the exact opposite and has a negative impact on your health and weight loss goals!

I like to refer to this as having a….


Below are 10 behaviours to see if you have developed a Dieters Mindset:

1). You only look at the calorie content in food.

2). You look at each diet as a short term solution to lose weight fast.

3). You weigh yourself everyday to determine how well you are progressing.

4). You have cheat meals…which turn into cheat weekends and full on BINGES.

5). You think you have to be really strict and perfect with your diet to get results.

6). If you overeat you punish yourself by doing cardio.

7). You think in order to lose weight you have to alway eat less.

8). You feel shame and guilt when you indulge in something sweet.

9). You think you have to eat low fat because of the calorie content.

10). You are never happy with your body and always aiming for a “goal weight.”

If any of these sound like you, you have developed a Dieters mindset. I had a Dieters mindset for YEARS. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

It’s how we have been conditioned to think about both our health and losing weight from the media, fitness experts and even doctors!

The amazing thing is you can ditch the Dieters Mindset by becoming a Fat Fulled Female!


  • Are Mindful of Calories but know nutrients and satiety levels of food are more important!
  • Look at Eating a High Fat Diet as a Lifestyle change (there is no finish line)
  • Do NOT weigh themselves daily; understand the scale is ONLY one way to measure progress
  • Know that life isn’t perfect and that my diet won’t be “perfect ” all the time (that’s life, thats balance).
  • Enjoy their favourite foods without the guilt (yes even carbs!)
  • Understand how the metabolism functions and that re-feeding with food is good!
  • Learn to love and trust their bodies again and listen to their hunger cues
  • Have sustainable weight loss as they learn how to rebalance their body from the inside out
  • Become their own health advocate and create a program that is specific and unique for You!

Ditching the Dieters mindset takes time and patience.

But, getting time back with family and friend, not being a slave to the scale, and enjoying food without shame or guilt…. is what I call FREEDOM OVER FOOD.


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