Enzymes, Toxicity and GMOs

In Health, Natural Food by Marja

Our ancestors ate a diet that was unprocessed, chemical free, and not genetically modified. The produce wasn’t sprayed with pesticides and the soil was not depleted in minerals. Conventional farming only contains 3 minerals (NPK) opposed to 17. The crop you eat, is only as healthy from the soil it grows in. Animals back then, were hunted and not injected with Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH). They lived in a natural environment how Mother Nature intended.IMG_0358 2 If you believe in energetics (like myself), consuming a factory farmed animal was raised inhumane and unethical. That animal lived its entire life in fear, and by you ingesting that animal you are ingesting that emotion (as well as a gmo’s, hormones, higher saturated fat content).

In today’s society people go for convenience and a quick fix. Our supermarkets are loaded with 5-minute IMG_0358-2-300x221microwave dinners, aisles of genetically modified food, while conventional meat is cheaper then organic vegetables. If you buy food that is heavily refined, processed or comes in a box, (and it is not organic) it is mostly likely derived of high fructose corn syrup, wheat and soy which are all genetically modified foods (GMO).

Enzymes are energized protein molecules that act as catalysts by carrying out chemical reactions in living cells. There are three different types of enzymes which all have different roles in the body.

1) Metabolic Enzymes are naturally produced in the body and are required for maintenance, repair, growth and detoxification of the body’s cells, organs and tissue

2) Digestive Enzymes are secreted along the digestive tract. There main function is to break food into a small enough form, so it can be carried from the digestive tract into the bloodstream.

3) Food Enzymes are derived from raw fruits and vegetables. They also assist with the digestive process and provide a surplus of enzymes for the body to utilize for digestion and absorption of various nutrients.

If food is not efficiently broken down mechanically in the mouth and there are depleted levels of HCl (hydrochloric acid) in the stomach this can alter digestion and absorption. This concept comes to light when people don’t think about what they fuel there body with and simply go for convenience. Refined foods can be can be hard on the digestive system, especially without efficient enzymes. When this occurs food may enter into the small intestine not fully broken down, where it can ferment and putrefy, having the potential to cause allergies. This can create a build up of 5-10 pounds of waste that just sits in the colon! The end result is malnutrition, poor absorption and toxicity. How nasty is that???

When we fall out of balance we fall into an acidic state. Symptoms of acidosis are weight gain, poor sleep, illness, and fatigue. Eating less acidic food such as diary, meat, and heavily processed food and incorporating food that is ALIVE (containing food enzymes) such as raw vegetables and fruits can help bring the body, mind and spirit back into balance.

We live in a toxic world. With the nutritional value of our food diminishing, and our food that was once natural, now containing hormones and chemicals. It is of no surprise that diseases of all sorts are on the rise. People need to see the clear connection nutrition has on longevity and health. Food is medicine and its your internal ecology that determines your health. Intuitively listening to your body’s signal/symptoms is the first step on understanding what your body needs and could use less of. Be a smart consumer make your health your priority I promise you your future self will thank you for it.