Exogenous Ketones Should You Take Them?

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First off what the Hell are Exogenous Ketones?

Exogenous means external, so outside of the body. Ketones are what the liver produces when the diet is low enough in carbohydrates that fat is broken down into ketones and used for fuel.

There are 3 different types of ketones

1). Acetoacetate

2). Beta-hydroxybutyrate

3). Acetone

*Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) is the ketone that flows freely in the blood, so BHB is what exogenous ketone supplements are made from.

So exogenous ketones are providing your body with an extra amount of ketones to be utilized for energy (winning).

So when I transitioned into a high fat diet a few things happened.

First off, mentally I was tripping out about dumping loads of butter and oil into my morning coffee.

The amount of fat in my morning cup of joe is around 30-40g of fat, this would have been my daily intake at one stage of my life, so a small part of me was afraid I was going to blow up… but I had to trust the process (and I am so glad I did).

I had heard of the dreaded keto flu which can last 3-7 days, sometimes longer sometimes shorter, everyone is different. Keto flu can cause energy to be low, mood to fluctuate, headaches, basically, you kind of just feel like garbage. 

Why does Keto Flu happen?

So majority of the population burn sugar (carbs) as there main fuel source. When you switch from burning carbs to fats, the brain and body kind of freak out…and wonder where the heck the sugar is at?

This is only normal as you have been fuelling your body with glucose for the bulk part of your life, it comes as a shock to the brain and body.

I was not looking forward to these symptoms whatsoever, so I did my research before diving deep into the high fat world.

That is when I found Perfect Keto! This was a Game Changer for me.

I didn’t really experience physical symptoms of keto flu, since I took exogenous ketones. As I mentioned above it was more mental for me dumping butter on my veggies, loading my decaf coffee up with oils, and eating a whole avocado without feeling guilty.

I didn’t get the migraines, low energy, or moodiness. For me it was the exact opposite. My energy sky rocketed, and I honestly felt like I could rule the world (unicorn status I call this).

So How do Exogenous Ketones Help Support the Body?

So when you are transitioning into a high fat diet, taking exogenous ketones increase energy within your body. They will help combat the dreaded keto flu, and make the process not as difficult as it may be for some.

I do more of a cyclic form of ketosis (this works better for me).

Cyclic ketosis meaning my meals are loaded with low carb veggies throughout the day, but If I want yams, white rice, potatoes etc. I will have them in the evening. So throughout the day I am a fat burner and at night I switch to glucose.

I don’t do this every night, probably 2-3 times a week, it just depends on how my body feels. This is called intuitively eating, it took me a lonnnnnnnnnng amount of time to get here!

I have tried super low carb under 25g a day and for me personally I felt too restricted and then I would want to eat ALL the FOOD.  

Some people may thrive on that low amount of carbs daily, but I feel it is important to still have a re-feed at least once or twice a week with carbohydrates.

So everyones form of Keto will be different, as no one Body or Person is the same 🙂

With that being said, after eating carbs, taking an exogenous ketone (chocolate sea salt is my fave) helps bring my body back into a ketogenic state. How do I know, I test my blood (this will be a whole different blog post lol).

I also am a fan of fasting so by taking an exogenous ketones I am able to fast longer, and my brain is still on point! You can say I like experimenting on myself.

I sometimes will take half a scoop in the afternoon mixed with water, if I want a mental brain charge!

What are the Benefits of Exogenous Ketones

1). Mental focus is improved by being fat adapted, ketones improve energy levels in brain cells.

2. When you have high ketones particularly in the morning it drives the body into fat burning mode.

3). Exogenous Ketones help get you back into ketosis faster. Please note this is not a magic supplement, remember wholefoods and good quality high fats are the foundation!

4). Exogenous Ketones can help combat Keto Flu! (this is everything). I remember one the reasons I was skeptical going into a high fat diet was, I didn’t want to feel like Crap and experience all the symptoms keto flu can cause!

5). Better energy and mental focus throughout the day (who doesn’t want that)!

How To Start Taking Exogenous Ketones?

If your brand new to a ketogenic diet, I would start off slow with 1/4 or 1/2 scoop with with water, coffee or tea.

I generally mix it in the morning with black decaf coffee, and a dash of coconut milk or other MCT oils. If I am fasting just black coffee and exogenous ketones (zero calories).

You can also take it in the afternoon as a mentioned before or as a pre workout!

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