Keto, a Better Way!

The majority of the population rely on sugar (carbs) for energy. Our society as a whole is overfed and undernourished, from processed and refined foods (literally everywhere).

A carb rich diet can cause food cravings, energy highs and lows, moodiness, weight conditions, inflammation and a host of other chronic health issues!

When we train the body to become ketogenic, we switch from using carbs (glucose) as our main fuel source to burning fat (ketones) for fuel.

Unlike carbs, fat keeps us feeling full and provides a sustainable energy, that food isn't constantly on our mind.

We reset our hunger hormones, so we naturally start to regulate our appetite and re-train our pallet.

Our eating habits evolve and reaching for high, sugary foods become a distant memory.

Weight loss feels SO much easier, since you don't feel like you are starving. 

In time, we slowly begin to heal the body from the inside out. The brain feels less foggy, food cravings diminish, and a new sustainable energy, with boundless amounts is born!

Remember Quick fixes are NOT realistic for weight loss to be permanent. You achieve short term success, but never lasting results.

The good news is, everything changes when you decide to go KETO. This becomes a LIFESTYLE not another diet, and the vicious cycle stops!

Keto can help with:

  • improving energy 
  • weight loss
  • skin condition
  • digestive issues
  • blood sugar imbalance
  • hormonal imbalance
  • brain fog

Meet your Nutritionist Marja!

For over 10 years I was a chronic dieter which caused a host of digestive issues, hormonal imbalances not to mention the mental and emotional distress from continuously dieting.

This all changed when I attempted a ketogenic diet. If you can relate to my journey, I am here to tell you Keto is a better way.

Eating a high fat diet allows your body to be more in alignment with its natural biology! Life just feels easier.

Download the meal plan and use it as a blueprint to begin your journey, with easy recipes, which are both tasty and nutrient dense, as you gradually adjust into this amazing high fat lifestyle!

Our customers love us

"Marja's knowledge & passion about nutrition is super inspiring! She explained cyclic ketosis in a way which was really easy for me to understand. My energy is through the roof! I would recommend her as a nutritionist for anyone wanting to adapt a high fat diet!"

Abba S.

"I gained so much knowledge about my health! I dream about our conversations (literally) as it's been embedded in my brain. She has taught me about the misconceptions around nutrition and shared her secrets to feeling good about yourself."

- Katey G.

"Marja is the smartest person I know when it comes to nutrition. She’s always full of information and you can really tell she loves what she does."

- Veronika S.

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