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I started my first diet when I was 12.  

I was obsessed with the scale and way I looked in the mirror.  

I have tried every DIET out there.  

You name it, I have done it.  

I have gone done the rabbit hole of extreme highs and very low, lows, from following ridgit dieting rules.

You can say food and body image has been a lifelong battle for me.  

Why Keto Works!

I was ALWAYS scared to eat fat, thinking too much fat would make me gain weight.  

I would count my almonds, measure my coconut oil and weigh my avocado on a food scale.  

From all the years of yo-yo dieting and abusing my body to look a "certain way," I had a lot of digestive problems and hormonal imbalances.  

It wasn't until I found the courage to change the way I had eaten MY ENTIRE LIFE that the magic started to happen. 

When we train the body to become ketogenic, we switch from using carbs (glucose) as our main fuel source to buring fat (ketones) for fuel.

Fat kept me feeling full and provibed a sustainbale energy. Whereas carbs, I needed to eat every 2-3 hours

I was able to reset my hunger hormones and regulate my appetite, so food wasn't constantly on our mind. 

My energy was different and my brain felt more alert and focused then ever before. 

I felt the high from burning fat for fuel, I was hooked and knew I could never go back to my old dietary habits.

The Power of a TRIBE

I began my Keto journey in 2016. 

When I started I did it all alone.  

It would have been amazing to be apart of a group, where I felt supported and was able to discuss certain road blocks I faced when eating high fat.  

Friends around me thought it was strange I was loading my coffee with fatty oils, and modifying the crap out of meals at resturant. 

This was the hardest part. I had no one to lean on and discuss all the benefits I was experiancing.

When we make a huge lifestyle change having a friend, coach, or a GROUP in your corner makes a big difference.

Every single one of us craves the feeling of belongingness...

By becoming apart of the "Eat Fat Be Fab" Tribe you are creating comradery, and accountability within the group by sharing similar goals.

Finding a community that has the same nutritonal values, increases the likelihood that staying on track will be MUCH, MUCH greater. 

You can express your highs and lows throughout your journey without feeling judged (only love and support here!).  

 Throughout the 10 weeks we touch on all facets of health, not just food. 

Be prepared to meet a new and improved YOU after 10 weeks!


  • Weekly 1 hour calls
  • Educational topics 
  • Disscussion about road blocks
  • Discussions about achievments
  • Private facebook group 
  • Weekly PDF documents 
  • On-going support

The Eat Fat Be Fab Nutriton Program focuses on a diet high in good quality fat, moderate protein, and moderate/low carbohydrates.  

Carbohydrate tolerance is dependant on each individual as we are all unique and have various health concerns and goals.  

So, following "ridgit keto rules" is NOT my jam.  

This program teaches the body to become fat adapted, using ketones (fat) as your primary fuel sources, opposed to carbohydrates.  

This will cause you to become a fat burning machine, having more energy, more mental focus, improved skin and SO much more! 

It takes time and patience becoming fat fueled, but I promise it is the most sustainable and energized way to live and eat!

Keto Health Benefits!

  • improved energy 
  • less brain fog 
  • weight loss  
  • supports digestive system
  • kick food cravings 
  • balance blood sugar  
  • balancing hormones
  • improved skin health 
  • low libido

Get Lasting Results

When it comes to nutrition, there is NO one-size fits all approach.  

Maybe you have tried a nutriton program or even a ketogenic program and you ended up gaining weight or being even more confused about nutriton?  

You fell off the wagon...  

The problem is, there shouldn't have been a wagon to begin with.  

"Cookie cutter meal plans," are missing the LIFESTYLE COMPONENT!

With a customized program and on-going group and solo support, I keep my clients on track and hold them accountable to reach their goals

WE create strategies to bust through barriers and have cleints find their own version of Keto!  

If your on the fence about ANYTHING and are contemplating if this is right for YOU, I would love to chat.  

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What you will Learn?

Week 1

1. Grocery Shopping List 2. Supplement Recommendations 3. How to be a "Fat Burner," & Avoid Keto Flu 4. Yummy Recipes 

Week 2

1. The 3 Big Macronutrients (Fat is your B.F.F) 2. How to read a food label 3. How Much Fat Do I Need with my Meals? 

Week 3 

1. All about HORMONES! 2. How hormones effect WEIGHT & STRESS 3. Emotional Eating

Week 4

1. Testing Ketones 2. Health Benefits of Producing Ketones 3. Different types of Fasting 4. Is Fasting right for you? 

Week 5

1. All about Carbohydrates 2. Do I need to Re-feed with Carbs? 3. Metabolic flexibility and Carb

Week 6 

 1. How to support the digestive system 2. FIBRE is it really that important? 

Week 7

1. Gut Health (brain gut connection) 2. Probiotics 101 3. Let’s talk about Poop!

Week 8

1. Cleansing & Detoxification 2. How often should you? Why its important! 

Week 9

1. Eating out at Restaurants 2. List of Modification to make at Restaurants 3. How to stay high fat when on vacation

Week 10

1. Stress & Sleep Managment 2. Meditation, Yoga, Fitness 

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