Why Put Off Feeling Good Any Longer? 

Exhausted From The "Dieting Mentality?" Sick And Tired of Starting Over? 

Any Nutrition Plan Can Work Well Short Term When Motivation Is Up! 

When there is an upcoming event such as a wedding or vacation, motivation is at an all time high.  

But what happens when the event is over and you are sick of eating the same old food or a low caloric intake?  

Your motivation starts to slip and the weight slowly creeps back... possibly with the scale increasing higher then before.  

This is why Quick fixes are simply not realistic for weight loss to be permanent!  

I have fallen into the "fad diet trap" time and time again.

Achieving short term success...but never lasting results.  

When I would revert back to "eating normally, " I would feel terrible for failing at my diet. This ultimately affected my mood, energy, self worth and confidence.  

When you are continuously dieting, you are either living in the past or thinking about the future.  

Upset at yourself for what you ate, or thinking about getting back on track with your diet.  

You are not living in the NOW.  

It’s not because you went off the DIET, it’s because the DIET wasn’t sustainable in the first place!

As a young teenager I experienced eating disorders and negative body image. In my early 20s I heavily restricted calories and created rigid rules around food. 

I was obsessed with the scale and way I looked in the mirror.  

My competitive personality and love for exercise lead me into bodybuilding world about 4 years ago, where I competed in the bikini category.  

Although I enjoyed the workouts and seeing my body transforms, the sport created body dysmorphia and made my relationship with food worse. It triggered old behaviors.  

You can say food and body image has been a lifelong battle for me.  

On the bright side, ALL my past struggles has provided me with experience, knowledge, and tools to HELP YOU.

I TRULY understand what it is like for food to have too much control over your life.

The best nutrition program is simply one you can consistently stick to it. If not, you are setting yourself up to FAIL.  

How do we achieve lasting results?  

Fat loss comes primarily through the food choices you make, not how much time you spend at the gym. 

Therefore, if reducing body fat is the goal nutrition is fundamental.  

I have tried every way of eating from vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, paleo, high carb, low carb, high protein, NO fat, to low fat.. then...I took the plunge and experimented with HIGH FAT!  

I was ALWAYS scared to eat fat, thinking too much fat in my diet would make me gain weight.  

I would count my almonds out, measure my coconut oil (making sure it was only a teaspoon) and weigh my avocado on a food scale.  

It wasn't until I found the courage to change the way I had eaten my entire life that the magic started to happen!

From all the years of yo-yo dieting and abusing my body to look a "certain way," I had a lot of digestive problems and hormonal imbalances.

Once I fully transitioned into a high fat, ketogenic diet my health and life dramatically changed.  

My mindset shifted and the relationship I had with food got so much better (this was everything to me). 

 I felt full from eating fat (I wasn't scared of eating it anymore). I was 100 percent satisfied with my high fat meals.

I didn't crave sugar and I wasn't stressed or emotionally eating!

I had more energy. It was different, it was better, I didn't have dips in my afternoon.  

My skin, for the first time was clear of any breakouts (adult acne is kind of annoying!).  

I could freely eat delicious food and not feel guilty or obsess about it!  

My period cramps subsided. It didn't feel like I was getting stabbed in the ovaries every month! (the struggle of being a girl - with hormonal imbalances!)  

With all these amazing heath benefits I needed to share my success!

This is why Eat Fat Be Fab was created!

Weight Loss Doesn't Have To Be Complicated.

By adjusting the amount of fat we eat daily and choosing quality nutrient dense foods on our plate, we can heal the body and reduce body fat.  

Our brain function improves on a high fat diet, as the brain prefers fat (ketones) for fuel.  

By adding more healthy fats to the diet we feel full and sugar cravings are subsided (winning!)  

We begin to reset our hunger hormones and not let food control our lives..life just gets easier.

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Week 1

Nutrition Fundamentals The 3 Big Macronutrients & why FAT is your B.F.F Supplement recommendations Recipes

Week 2

Grocery Shopping List & Food Charts How to read a food label How Much Fat Do I Need with my Meals? How to be a “Fat Burner,” & avoid, “Keto Flu.”  

Week 3 

Carbohydrates – How much is right for you? Carbohydrate MYTHS and All The Different types of Carbs Re-feed Day with Extra Carbs! Fibre, why its important get enough in the diet!

Week 4

Testing Ketones Health Benefits of Producing Ketones in the Body Different types of Fasting Is Fasting right for you?

Week 5

All About hormones! Insulin, Cortisol, Ghrelin, Leptin Testosterone, Estrogen & The Thyroid How Hormones effect weight, stress & energy levels Emotional Eating

Week 6 

All about Digestion Gut Health (brain gut connection) Let’s talk about Poop! Cleansing & Detoxification

Week 7

Eating out at Restaurants. How to make your meals high fat friendly when out! How to stay high Fat when on vacation! List of modifications to make at certain resturants

Week 8

Stress management and how it affects your Health! Sleep management and why its important for recovery after exercise as well as aging! Meditation, Yoga, Fitness

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