Health Benefits of Wheatgrass

In Health by Marja

Why Wheatgrass?

FullSizeRender1-300x300After all the holiday treats my body is craving wheatgrass and raw sprouts! I recently started juicing wheatgrass 4-5 times a week and have been feeling amazing on this powerful natural medicine! I use it as a safety net to make sure my diet is complete, to alkalize my body and also help with detoxification. I take it on an empty stomach before breakfast or training, so my body can easy transport these nutrients into the blood steam without having to focus on digesting food.

Two ounces of wheat grass is equivalent to 5 pounds of organic vegetables. YES it is that nutrient dense! It also has a sweet after taste I quite enjoy! It contains the full spectrum of b vitamins and contains all essential amino FullSizeRender(1)acids! YES that’s right, all essential amino acids and it isn’t from an animal!

One of my recent clients had gone to the Hippocrates Health institute for a week (I was envious!) and she mentioned how wheatgrass was a staple in their wellness program. She told me wheatgrass was used for everything from enemas to cleaning your eyes, and of course drinking. Although I had learnt about sprouting foods and wheatgrass in school I had forgotten how powerful and nutrient dense these microgreens were!

Juicing wheatgrass requires a slow press juicer such as the omega 3 (which I have) the oscar or the angel. The breville or any juicers that are not slow press will not work and your yield of liquid will be very, very minimal. If you purchase wheatgrass from a health food store it can be quite expensive. My client connected me to the Food Pedaler to purchase my wheatgrass and spouts by the pound. The cost of wheatgrass is $13 a pound, which is much cheaper then any other natural grocery store I have seen. They also have sunflower sprouts (so tasty) and pea sprouts. I only juice vegetables and sprouts. I may add the odd lemon, but for the most part I look at my juice as bioavailable, nutrient dense, medicine, opposed to a sweet treat.