Health Is Balance

In Health, Lifestyle by Marja

I just finished my last fitness competition this Sunday and I placed the worst I have ever placed in a show. My peak week was a struggle being sick and overwhelmed with work and training. Mentally my mind and heart wasn’t in this show, feeling chronically stressed and burnt out. Within the last 6 week I had taught 3 nutrition workshops, got back into CrossFit, and taken on a bunkeg 1ch of new nutrition and personal training clients. As a motivated, driven entrepreneur saying NO rarely exists in my vocabulary.

I felt I brought the best package of ME to the stage. This goes to show each federation judges each athletekeg-11-300x260 different and not to take each ranking personal. I have seen my strength increase and put on muscle mass that I am proud of what I have accomplished. The thing about bodybuilding is it isn’t like hockey or soccer, where there is a clear winner based on how the athletes perform, how you place is based solely on the judging panel. My look may have been too hard or not hard enough depending on the look the judges were going for each category. So what do you do when you’re feeling down after a show? Go to the Keg with your fiancé, sister and a bunch of good friends to laugh, smile and eat whatever the hell you want. “I will have one of everything please, with extra sauce, and extra ice-cream!” And not have a care in the world about what you are eating and just enjoy it!

I had contemplated not doing the Kelowna show this coming Saturday, as I feel discouraged and depleted (mentally and physically). This last show was suppose to act as a test run for Kelowna but it has almost made me second guess my physique. Although this feels discouraging it gives me motivation to push harder and make improvements for my OWN fitness goals. I am a competitive athlete in ANY sport and no one likes to loose, everyone wants to win. Being defeated is never easy…but always a good learning experience, this is what allows us to grow in any aspect of life. I am not a quitter and when I set goals I have to follow through.

I am going push through this last week and then give myself a well-deserved break. I want to train without pressure and improve as an athlete. Training is my passion and when the stress on competing makes it not as fun it means its time to re-evaluate the situation. I want to get back into CrossFit, and one day Do a freaking muscle up! Trying to do CrossFit on a deficit in calories is rough, as the workouts push you past your physical and mental capabilities. I am an adrenalin junkie so I enjoy the punishing workouts. Doing any extreme exercise doesn’t workout too well on a calorie restriction, as your performance tends to suffer. So I am looking forward to improve my physical strength, flexibility and endurance – and with that my physique.

The holistic nutritionist in me tells me my body needs a break and my organs need some love and harmony. After my Kelowna show, I need to detoxify my mind, body and spirit. Not putting so much pressure and being so hard on myself. Cutting animal products out of my diet for a month and strictly eating a wholefoods diet, while I renew my gallbladder and liver is the next step for my health and fitness goals. Reflect on your life and see if your fitness goals are serving you and if you are achieving them is the right way that works for YOU. Notice if your work life is running you dry and ALWAYS look for ways to Find your BALANCE.

“You have the power to heal your life, and you need to know that… Claim and consciously use your power.” ~ Louise Hay