With all the advances in technology peoples life expectancy has vastly increased. On the flip side, our food supply has gotten much WORSE over the years with GMO’s, mono-cropping, factory raised animals and high fructose corn syrup! We may live longer, but is our quality of life better if diseases are on the rise?

What do all these types of foods have in common?


Inflammation is known as the SILENT KILLER.

However there is a difference between

1). Acute Inflammation

2). Chronic Inflammation

Acute inflammation is actually a good thing. This consists of swelling, redness, tenderness, and is can be caused by an injury, or after.

When I get my yearly fraxel laser on my face my eyes swell up and my face looks like its retaining water. This inflammation it is part of the healing process, this type of inflammation is GOOD!

Chronic inflammation, however is NOT so good. It’s the type of inflammation related to health problems, and overtime can tear the body down and increase the likelihood of developing other diseases or conditions.

Conditions such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, leaky gut syndrome and obesity are all linked to chronic inflammation.

Top 4 Inflammatory Foods

  1. Refined Sugar
  2. Vegetable/seed oils
  3. Deep Fried Foods
  4. Refined Carbs

So how can we reduce inflammation to prevent these diseases?

A healthy, high fat diet which is completely in your CONTROL!

Food is medicine and medicine is food. Although mouth pleasure is a definitely a THANG, why we essentially eat food is to break down the nutrients to provide nourish to our body’s.

Although the food choices you make today, may not effect your health tomorrow, it’s the accumulation of eating, poor quality, inflammatory food over time which is the problem.

So remember, YOUR diet and the food choices you make, is one of the most influential factors for the amount of inflammation in your body and your future health status.


When I coach clients throughout their ketogenic journey, we remove inflammatory foods such as refined sugars, grains, poor quality oils and replace them with anti-inflammatory food and good quality nutrient dense foods and fats!

When you start eating high fat, REAL food and get rid of the junk – the energy and mental alertness you feel, you won’t EVER want to revert back to your old dietary habits!

The most anti-inflammatory foods you can add to your keto diet include salmon, healthy fats (olive oil, avocado oil, mct oil, fish oil,) and spices like ginger and tumeric.

The Ketogenic diet regulates your insulin production by strategically lowering the amount of carbs you eat. If you don’t know what insulin is, it is a hormone that is secreted from your pancreas. It job is to bring your blood sugar to a normal level after a carb rich meal.

When we regulate our insulin, we dismantle the blood sugar story! When we regulate our insulin we regulate our ENERGY!

A Ketogenic Diet Helps with:

  • Helps regulate hormones – all hormones are derived from FAT
  • Lowers blood sugar levels – High blood sugar is linked to inflammation
  • Regulates energy as you don’t have rise and falls in blood glucose
  • Keeps you feeling full (satiated) since fats take the longest to digest
  • BRAIN FUEL the brain has a high affinity for Ketones – many people speak of cognitive improvement when going high fat!
  • Long lasting energy where your hunger is regulated
  • Makes it easier to fast – and fasting promotes hGH (human growth hormone) and Autophagy – where cells clean them selves out and get rid of debri!
  • Has been known to support neurological conditions such as parkinson’s epilepsy and alzheimers

I am a life long high fat advocate. Not just because how I feel eating high fat, but I know I am eating the best way for the brain to be sharp and my body to be healthy and free of disease ❤️

Remember small steps, lead to big changes.


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