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The Health of the Large Intestine

The colon can hold up to 5-10 pounds of waste that just sits in your large intestine! Grouse hey!? Have you done anything to clean out your colon and restore your inner ecology? I generally do two cleanses a year and go for an annual colonic. I have attempted doing an Enema on myself but it wasn’t really my thing…

IMG_5017-300x300The lower part of the small intestine and colon contain many microbes (mainly bacteria) that live in harmony with us. Then there are pathogens such as viruses, bad bacteria, and parasites, which can live off the food that sits in the gut. This can cause dysbiosis and toxicity, which can be extremely harmful to the body. When I was studying to become a holistic nutritionist, I realized how common this one, and how many people had digestive and intestinal imbalances. Just because symptoms are common for an individual does not mean it is normal.

When learning how important gut health was, I did everything in my power to clean out my system. I went on anti-candida diet, did a parasite purge, mega doses of probiotics, you name it I did it. In this vain and body image driven society, most people are judged on health, based on the appearance of their physical body. We don’t physically see how our organs, arteries, and internal systems are functioning, however these systems ultimately determine our health and quality of life, especially in our later years.

Getting back to pathogens, they can produce endotoxins which taxes the liver and can damage tissue, as the liver has to spend time on detoxification opposed to revitalization. When this happens at a constant and persistent pace the liver can become overburden and toxins can begin to start circulating around the body, resulting in many symptoms known as autointoxication.

If you have taken antibiotics in the last 5-10 years and have not supplemented with probiotics your yeast levels could possibly be out of wak! Supplementing with HMF (human strain microflora) can help support the large intestine with “good” bacteria. Probiotics can assist with immune health, diarrhea and constipation symptoms, and decrease acne and skin problems to name a few.

What I am saying is everyone needs to care about how their organs/systems function, just as much as how they look in the mirror. I obviously care about the way I look, that is one of the reasons why I lift weights 5 days a week. When we look good we feel good, we all know that. The nutritional choices you make at this present time, may not have an acute affect on your health. It is in longevity where sound nutrition and holistic living shines. Repeated neglect on supporting your organs can determine if you are sick or well. Imagine driving a Ferrari and getting that car constantly washed and waxed, but never taking it in for an oil change and fueling it with the cheapest gas. That vehicle may look shiny and nice on the outside but over time it will eventually break down. Treat and care for your body like the Ferrari it is, by nourishing it from the inside out.

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