Life as we know it can change with a blink of an eye. The human experience is beautiful yet filled with obstacles and challenges. It can bring us into places of love & joy as well as sadness and darkness. Letting go of Love, is one of the hardest decisions any one can make in their life.

Being in a relationship for 10 years taught me the true meaning of love, friendship, loyalty and companionship. Having someone there to share your dreams, listen to your problems, hold you when you cry, and make you laugh so hard it felt like nothing else mattered. Your Partner is your Best Friend… the one you want to share every little detail of your day with.

As we grow, each of us slowly transforms into the person we are destine to become. This is a life long journey of trials and tribulations, allowing each mistake to become a lesson. The true test in a relationship is if a couple can grow separately without growing apart? Relationships are work and they require time and energy for them to be successful. And not just spending time…spending quality time.

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As I self reflect, I realize there are many things I need to work on from within. My mind has been so busy for the last 2 weeks, I haven’t even been able to centre myself to meditate. Looking for external sources to cope with this change. As I transcend deeper away from how I identify who I am, I get lost in the idea of that chapter of my life being a distant memory. It is sad, it is painful, but without darkness the sun cannot shine. There is always a yin to yang energy in every component of life. You cannot have happiness without sadness or love without hurt.
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Through this solo journey I realize my happiness needs to flourish internally. I constantly need to remind myself to be content with you I am, before I can reflect love outwards. Or else you will always be looking for someone to fill your void. Exercising on a daily basis and surrounding myself with people and places that are only going to lift me up, make me feel energized and fulfilled.

Trying to look at each day as a blessing to be alive and trying harder to show gratitude for the life I was given. This is easier said then done, but through this process I am relearning who I am and becoming stronger. Accepting that my flaws make me who I am, which will allow me in time to become a better person.

Live your life as if it where a dream…follow your heart and make the most of it. Fall in love with yourself all over again and most importantly be happy.

My Mantra: “My Mind & Body Get Stronger Everyday”