Personal Training

Build Confidence

WOMEN, Lifting weights will not make you “big” or “bulky and looking like a man! I feel MOST confident and empowered when I lift HEAVY weights! Fit, honesty is the new sexy!

The energy and determination I experiences when training is not comparable to anything!

Muscle is a metabolically active tissue, so the more demand and overload you put on your body the more gains you shall receive! The neuromuscular system (brain & muscles) needs to be traumatized when put under physical stress in order for changes in body composition to occur. Having me as personal trainer and MEGA Motivator, you will be pushed past your physical, mental and emotional limits, while I  will also try my hardest to make you smile!

My training style encompasses olympic lifting & functional, compound movements that challenge strength, speed, and balance.  I also LOVE calisthenic training as being mobile is SUPER Important. Without flexibility you will be limited with your progress. Therefore, Foundation movements and improving range of motion is key!

Whether you are new to exercising or an experienced athlete, I can create a novice or advanced training program that is safe, effective, and challenges for your fitness level!

Exercise is essential for good health, although it has become optional in today’s society. It’s no coincidence that today’s decline in physical activity is associated with an increase in weight gain, metabolic dysfunctions as well as physical frailty.

Take control of your health

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Marja Can Help You With:
  • Increasing Muscle Mass

  • Building Strong Deep Core Muscles

  • Creating a Periodized Training Program to Prevent Plateau

  • Losing Weight

  • Proper Nutrition for Fueling, Recovery and Supplements

  • Proper Posture and Technique