10 Week Group Nutrition Program


Course Includes:

  • Educational videos
  • Weekly Nutritional PDF content
  • Private access to Facebook group
  • Weekly 1 Hour Live Group calls!


Join the 10 Week Group Nutrition Program
To transform your body from using carbs as your main fuel source to burning Fats on the Regular!

Eating high fat is not another fad diet, it is lifestyle. I will be there to guide and support you into this new amazing journey and you will be connected with likeminded individuals within the group!

Health Benefits from Program

  • Improved Energy and Mental Focus
  • Stabilized Blood Sugar
  • Reduced Food Cravings and Sugar Addictions
  • Balanced Hormones
  • Supports Gut Health & Digestive System
  • Reduced Body Fat
  • Improved Confidence & Relationship with Food
Week 1

1.   Grocery Shopping List

2.   Supplement Recommendations

3.   How to be a “Fat Burner,” & avoid Keto Flu

4.   Yummy Recipes

Week 2

1.   The 3 Big Macronutrients

2.   How to read a food label

3.   How Much Fat Do I Need with my Meals?


Week 3

1.   All about HORMONES!

2.   How hormones effect WEIGHT, stress & energy

3.   Emotional Eating


Week 4

1.   Testing Ketones

2.   Health Benefits of Producing Ketones in the Body

3.   Different types of Fasting

4.   Is Fasting right for you?

Week 5

1.   Carbohydrates – how much is right for you?

2.   Carb MYTHS and all the different types of

3.   Do I need to Re-feed with extra carbs?


Week 6

1.   Learn All about Digestion

2.   Do you have Digestive Distress?

3.   FIBRE  is it really that important?


Week 7

1.   Gut Health (gut brain connection)

2.   Probiotics 101

3.   Let’s talk about Poop!

Week 8

1.   Cleansing & Detoxification

2.   How often do I need to?

3.   Meditation, Yoga, Fitness