Toss the scale off your balcony or smash your scale with a hammer!

Okay maybe we don’t need to be that extreme, but let me explain why we need to stop giving the stupid scale so much power.

For many, the weight loss game can be a life long battle.

Or even understanding the proper nutrition that works for your own unique body can cause confusion and self doubt. 

I began my ketogenic journey back in 2016, but I have had my fair share of eating disorders and my career as a a professional fad dieter began at age 12.

I get what it’s like to always be searching for that magic bullet or quick fix to hit that goal weight. And you think, if I just hit that magical number on the scale, how great my life will be.

I’ll tell you one thing, when I hit my goal weight of 110 pounds the flood gates of opportunities DID NOT swing open, nothing really changed. 

I was actually more insecure and critical about my body. I was terrified about gaining the weight back, as the methods I used to be that small wasn’t healthy or sustainable. 

What I’m trying to tell you is…

You have to learn to be happy with where you are on your health journey, even if you are not where you want to be (I know easier said than done).  You have to look at improving your health, not solely based on a certain freaking number!

We give way too much power to this one number. The scale doesn’t give us a clear understanding of our overall health (AT ALL).

The scale only measures a person’s entire mass. This includes:

  • Muscles
  • Bones
  • Organs
  • Water
  • Ligaments
  • Tendons
  • Adipose tissue (fat) 

The human body is made of more than 50% water. It can fluctuate hourly, daily, and weekly, depending on electrolyte balance, fluid levels, stress levels, reaction to certain foods, and mensuration.

We need to stop putting SO much emphasis on a specific number, as it can clearly change, and remember total weight doesn’t give us a clear picture of our internal health.

Many clients when they begin their keto journey won’t be able to see their health changes improve instantaneously, so we need to be patient, let the body do what is has to do, and NOT let the scale dictate how “we think” we are progressing.

If you have been a chronic dieter for a large part of you life (like me) you most likely have put a lot of importance and stress about your weight. I use to weigh myself every morning and how much I weighed on the scale, would dictate how the rest of my day went.

If I was happy with the number I would have a positive outlook on life and in turn have a great day. If I was unhappy with the number I would be upset, obsess about it, and think, “why wasn’t the scale moving!”

Can you see how I allowed this measly little number to effect my entire day? How much power I gave it, over my self worth? There is absolutely no room on your health journey & healing process, for self judgment, criticism, obsession and comparison. We all need to let that sh*t go!

We as a society need to be more concerned about our biomarkers such as our hormone levels, nutritional deficiencies and gut health. We need to look at reducing the amount of sugar, inflammatory foods/oils and improving the QUALITY OF FOOD people are eating daily!

Just because an individual appears “skinny” or even looks fit on the outside, it is NOT a clear indicator of overall health. I have worked with male clients who had rock hard body’s but when looking at there lab results, they were borderline pre-diabetic. It’s similar to someone judging how well a car runs by merely looking at the exterior.

The car may be shiny and and the rims may be nice, but the engine could be complete garbage. 

In a body image driven society, I get it…we all want to look like the shiny new car.

But at what cost?

Health doesn’t come in a bottle or in one particular diet. It comes from a powerful mind and  an innate drive to be better than you were yesterday. 

We need to give credit to ourselves with all the small wins we make hourly, daily, weekly or monthly, because it’s all those small shifts in our behaviour that create that permanent change.

I always tell my clients you need to begin with the end in mind. What that means is, you have to live, act, feel, as if you have already conquered your goal(s) and achieved what you wanted.

Then everything in front of you doesn’t seem as scary, as you are manifesting living the life you DESIRE. Practice this method and watch how your thought process, outlook on life, and vibrational energy changes!

I work with clients to not just improve your diet, but to shift your mindset and poke holes in your belief system.

How many diets have you gone on, but not done any internal work to understand why you are even dieting in the first place?

Do you jump from diet to diet, hoping this one will stick and your life will finally be better (that was me for many, many, many, years). 

We put so much pressure on external goals and appearances but we don’t take the time to actually uncover why we have these certain dieting patterns or behaviours in the first place.

When we tap into our belief system and thought process, and investigate our own internal dialogue, that is when we get to understand why we are the way we are.

By doing the mindset work it enables transformational lasting health. Many of us don’t even know what our limiting beliefs are, if we knew them we would change them. That’s where I come in, I help you alter your limiting beliefs and rewire your brain.

REMEMBER: begin with the end in mind. Believing and living your life as if you have already achieved everything (makes all the difference).

Arnold Schwarzenegger said it best:

“Where the mind goes the body will follow.”

If you want to have a better understanding of how I work with clients to not only enhance your nutrition, but to transform your mindset you can book a complimentary consultation HERE! Thanks for reading!

Marja xo


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