Conscious, awareness and intention, can allow us into the psychosomatic (mind-body) network to avoid disease and create optimum health. By repressing emotions or trauma, even verbally we can create blockages in the human body, for disease to grow.

Being open to change and honest with yourself and emotions, in my opinion is the first step towards true healing. This can be the hardest part for many…as living in denial or the philosophy of “ignorance is bliss,” is far too common.


Showing gratitude and compassion on a daily basis helps to keep you content and humble. I sometimes get caught up in my own head and stress about minor things that shouldn’t affect my daily routine.

I often have to take a step back and verbally say to myself, “the world isn’t going to end,” get over yourself! I encourage smiling at strangers and not taking the little things in life for granted.


As Steven Harvey mentioned, being grateful for waking up in the morning, which many do not get to experience. Trying to live in the moment, not the past or the future, appreciating each day.


The Central nervous (brain and spinal cord) system is where health and disease thrives. When the nervous system is heightened it gives us the drive to succeed and reach our goals. But when exhausted, it can become a double-edged sword.

In today’s society many people are over stimulated and chronically stressed. Their stress release may be exercise, but the mind body connection is overlooked. I use to be that person. If I had a choice of smashing weights or doing a yoga class, weigh lifting always won. I now understand the importance of practicing yoga to create balance within my physical, emotional and spiritual body.

It is important for everyone to nourish this system with some kind of spiritual discipline. Everyone’s definition of spirituality will be different.

For some it may be meditating for a few minutes a day, or maybe taking a deep breath before reacting. For others it may be practicing yoga everyday.

As Buddah said, “

The mind is everything what you think you become.”

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