When people think of a high fat diet it can be overwhelming to think 50-80% of your meals come from fat!

Its not from mountains of margarine and fast food joints I assure you!

Transitioning over to a high fat diet can be a big change and adjustment, but adding a MCT oil can make it a smoother experience.

Remember Everyones version of a keto will be SO different (as it should be).

This journey is really an experiment with yourself, seeing what works for you and what doesn’t.

Before I discuss the benefits of MCT, let’s geek out just a wee bit on what fats are!

All Fats consist of a glycerol backbone accompanied with fatty acids.

They contain chains of carbon (C) atoms with hydrogen (H) atoms.

Single bonds of carbon = saturated fat.

Where as, Double bonds of carbon = not saturated

When it comes to fats they fall into different categorized based on their length. The length of the fat determines if it a short, medium, or a long chain fatty acid.

If you are starting your ketogenic journey (or even if you are not) it’s important you have some basic knowledge of the different types of fats since they all react differently in the body, plus it is good to eat a variety of different types!

There are SHORT chain fatty acids which contain fewer then 6 carbon

  • ie Butyric acid found in butter contains *4 carbon.

There are LONG chain fatty acids 13- 21 carbon

  • ie found in olive oil or omega 3 in fish oil

And then there are MEDIUM chain fatty acids which contain 6-12 carbon

  • ie. found in coconut oil, or extracted caprylic acid which contains*8 carbon


1).Bulletproof brain octane (caprylic acid)

2).MCT oils/supplements

3).Smaller amounts in: Butter, Palm oil, Cheese

What are the Benefits of MCT?

Brain Function: The brain has a high affinity to run off ketones oppose to glucose. This is why you will hear people speak of improved mental function and their “brain fog” diminishes from eating a ketogenic diet.

Decreased Cravings: By taking MCT before a meal or in between meals it can decrease hunger levels. Fats slow down the digestive process and stabilize blood sugar so having more MCT helps keep you full!

Boost Metabolism: Unlike longer chain fatty acids MCT’s do not have to go through the lymphatic system.

MCT goes straight to the liver to be utilized for energy there (YES!) 

It is the perfect fuel for the mitochondria (powerhouse of each cell) and heats the body up via thermogenesis (this is a good thang!)

Supports the body in making Ketones: As your body shifts from burning carbs for energy, to utilizing fat for fuel, you MUST increase the amount of fat in your diet (this is kind of a no brainer!).

Ketones are made in the liver when the diet is void of carbs. Ketones are energy molecules your body runs off of opposed to glucose (carbs) when you are burning fat for fuel.

By adding more MCT to the diet it supports this metabolic process – by giving your body extra energy! Think of MCT as rocket fuel for you body!

You will 100% notice an immediate boost in your energy, mental focus and stamina when you use MCT on a regular basis!!!

Here are the tops ways I use MCT!

1). I put MCT oil in my morning coffee or add it to a tea in the afternoon if I need a cognitive pick me up!

2). I use MCT oil to make yummy salad dressings! One of my fave is dijon mustard, mct and apple cider vinegar!

3). I will drizzle MCT on top of eggs, fish or cooked food. I find the brain octane oil (MCT) really brings out the flavour in food!

4). I add it to baking – generally fat bombs I put in the freezer

I hope this information helped give you some ideas of how to add this AMAZING oil into your nutrition plan! 💛 😉

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When people think of a high fat diet it can be overwhelming to think 50-80% of your meals come from fat! Its not from mountains of margarine and fast food joints I assure you! Transitioning over to a high fat

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