To Dairy or NOT to Dairy?

In Health, Ketogenic, Nutrition by Marja

What’s the deal with dairy, should I eat it or remove it?

High-quality raw or organic dairy products contain fatty acids and beneficial bacteria that help support the microbiome (gut health).

However, not everyone has access to raw dairy or purchases organic products, so the nutrient value is MUCH lower from conventional dairy farms.

With that being said, a large part of population are UNABLE to fully digest the lactose.

Lactose is a type of sugar found in dairy products, and is very high in milk.

Our mothers breast milk is the perfect nutrient profile for a growing baby and it is obviously HIGH In lactose.  Breast milk, contains antibodies to help create a strong immune system and healthy gut for a growing baby. 

Unfortunately Lactose is not tolerated well by most people. 

This is because between the ages of 2-4 years, the body stops producing the enzyme (lactase) to breakdown lactose!

Seeing that most children are not breast fed past the age of 2 or 3, the body itself is very intelligent.

We are the only species that after age 2, consume another mammals milk (weird).  Cows milk is meant to supply nutrients to a calf, not humans.

Dairy can cause inflammation throughout the body.  Inflammation can often be referred to as “the silent killer” as most ppl are unaware that it is even happening.

Symptoms of inflammations are

  • gas 
  • bloating
  • burping
  • indigestion
  • constipation 
  • mucus/flem

A smelly fart is a tell tale sign that dairy is not your friend LOL!

I personally DO NOT consume dairy because it makes me bloat and breakout! However I do have butter everyday and it doesn’t effect me, since it only has traces of lactose.

I have tried removing dairy from my diet, and slowly adding it back in, but the same symptoms always came back. Yogurt no matter what type I try is NOT my friend, even Kefir (fermented yogurt).

If your a dairy lover, I recommend removing it from the diet for at least 4 weeks and see how YOU FEEL.

You may notice your skin gets better, or that little pouch in your lower belly isn’t sticking out as much.

We get SO accustom to feeling a certain way, that we think our symptoms are “normal” when a lot of the times they are NOT. It’s your body telling you something is out of balance internally.

So, sub out the cows milk for:

  • Coconut milk
  • Almond milk
  • Cashew milk
  • Hemp milk

AVOID soy milk like the plaque as well as oatmilk. We don’t need to be ingesting GMO’s in our milks as well as pro-inflammatory oils!

Look and READ the ingredients, the fewer the better. Don’t be tricked by marketing and labels!

I hope this info Helped! If your wanting to discuss some of your nutritional concerns book a consult