Yoga Alleviate Stress

Taking a deep breath in ayoga stressful situation can be a soothing coping mechanisms. In a society where many are anxious, overwhelmed and exhausted, adding a meditative practice can support every system in the body. Can you image spending an hour not being concerned about work, finances, relationships or family stress?

Being in a welcoming non-judgment environment where you decompress from your day, while improving the human frame by moving into different postures. Meditation plays an important role in long-term health & vitality. When was the last time you took a DEEP breath?

I teach classic hatha yoga with an emphasis on breath and hatha-yogasafety. My flow style encompasses a workout through a meditative approach. I also teaches Yin Yoga where postures are held for 3-7 minutes. This style of yoga focuses on redeveloping fascia (connective tissue) for greater range of motion. Both of these styles of yoga are important for stress management, and reconnecting the mind, body and spirit.

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